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Spencer has been in the health and fitness industry for over 8 years. He started teaching dance and dance fitness classes as a teenager, merging his two obsessions at the time. He has since become a Physcial Therapist Assistant, NASM certified trainer, and has taken up martial arts including Muay Thai and karate, quickly incorporating them into my professional fitness training. Spencer continues to incorporate movements and concepts from these various disciplines in his classes and clients.

My personal mantra:
Why not?

My training style is:
Transforming, Fun

My why:
We only have one body with so many trips around the sun, I want to add years to the lives and life to the years of myself and others. If because of me someone changed their lifestyle in a manner that allows them to live 5 good years longer than they would have, then that’s a victory, if I inspire 15 people to do the same, that’s a lifetime I’ve saved, with fitness, dance, kickboxing, whatever.

What gives me my fighting spirit:
The cathartic jubilant feeling of victory. Victories may include fitness goals, sports victories, financial goals, whatever, anything that I’ve felt are really worth achieving are worth working hard and fighting for.