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BOXSTL class structure...

Heavybag Boxing

Our Heavybag Boxing classes start with 10 minutes of warmup and stretching. Followed by 12 rounds of teacher led boxing combinations, focusing on technique and stamina. Each round is 2:00mins with :30seconds of rest in between – to grab a quick drink and catch your breath. We end class with 10 minutes of stretching and core strengthening exercises.


When our students are ready to take the next step, we offer sparring throughout the week (16 & up). For our younger students, a consultation will be required before entering the sparring mats. 

Class will begin at 6:30pm with a warmup consisting of stretching, calisthenics and basic drills to get that sweat started! At approximately 6:45pm — applying what you learned in the drills portion, to actual contact. You’ll be following our bell system – 12 rounds – rotating between students, mat work and stepping into the ring! We will end each class with the option of core strengthening and time to stretch! 

• Light Sparring: Students will focus on technique, boxing basics and get a full body workout.
• Medium Contact – Students will be putting their newly mastered technique training to the test. The intensity level is increased; students are working at about 50-75% and learning to control their power.
• Hard Spar: Students have leveled up! For this class, we’re working full speed and power in the ring — 100% go time! (All under the close watch of our sparring staff, who are experienced fighters and trainers themselves.) 

Why boxing?

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First time Checklist:

In an effort to keep traffic flowing and maintaining distance between students, we require ALL guest forms be submitted prior to arrival. 


Please arrive 15mins prior to the start of your scheduled class. 

Yes, if you have your own heavybag gloves and handwraps, bring them along for our staff to inspect. FOR SPARRING: A moth guard is required and a cup is strongly suggested. Also, no metal (clasps on gloves, jewelry, etc) can be worn while sparring.  

No worries, we have gloves you’re welcome to borrow for your first heavybag class and wraps are $9-11/pair. We do sell mouth guards but they must be purchased in advance, because they will need to be boiled at home. 

We do offer a free trial class to our Heavybag Boxing classes! 

When our students are ready to take those next steps, we offer: Light Sparring, Medium Contact and Hard Spar. 

Try a heavybag boxing class, for free!